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2017 Donor Honor Roll


Visionary Circle: $2,000+

Maggie Davis and Bruce Ennis

Gretchen and Michael Apgar

Barbara Gutschenritter


Idealist Circle: $500-1,999

Kim Crowley

Cathy and David Meredith

Tracy Bridges

Catherine and Benjamin Ward

Maggie and Al Logan

Michael and Laura Bean

Carla and Darin Fisher

Diane and Bill Yarus

Margaret Doherty and Cole Schneider

Connie and Fred Leistiko

Marylane Pannell and Richard Kuhl

Anne and Joe Biby

Pam Totten

M.B. and John Bertram

Adele Murphy

Naomi C. Perry







Ruth and David Ackroyd

Jerry Agen

Lori Alsbury

David and Maren Amnotte

Sally and Zack Anderson

Sean Anderson

Roy and Theresa Beekman

William Benedetto

David K. Bennett

Margene and Alexander Berry

Karen Black

Scott and Julie Blodgett

Susan and Timothy Bodurtha

William Boehme

Barbara Boorman

Sue and Bob Brown

Art and Susie Burch

Warren and Vonnie Bury

Ryan and Sara Busse

Pam Carbonari

Carla Hannaford

Milt and B.J Carlson

Sandy Carlson

Ron and Kathy Chandonais

Brian and Marie Clark

Butch and Janet Clark

Ned and Cathy Cooney

Ron and Suzette Copher

Ed and Sue Corrigan

Denise Cox

Sue Crawford

Kathleen Crowe

Daniel Crowley

David Crowley

Bill and Sarah Dakin

Ian and Nancy Davidson

Ann Dix

Mark Dix

Michael and Jordonna Dores

Dustin and Brynne Leftridge

Tyler Furry

Linnea Ghilardi and Steve Armstrong

Harry and Mary Gibson

Christopher and Mary Gill

Bill and Jana Goodman

Jill Gotschalk and Paul Mutascio

Nancy Grauer and Alexander Boyd

B.J. Grieve

Terry and Dorris Guidi

Bob Hafferman

Hillary Hanson

Robin Harrison

Jack and Chris Hartley

Dallas and Susan Herron

Wilson and Charlotte Higgs

Anita Ho and Dean Marsh

Glen Holmes and Connie Behe

Charlotte Housel and Jonathan Fetter-Vorm

Scott and Barbara Janni

Thomas and Gail Jenko

Marise Johnson

Jane Karas

Janet and Brian Kekich

Melinda Kelly

Joanne Knutson

Walter and Nancy Kuhn

Peter Larson

Catherine and Tadius Lisowski

Bob Lopp

Chuck and Nancy Manning

Matthew and Lynne Bradley

Katherine Maxwell

Francy and Harry McAllister

Allan and Valeri McGarvey

Debora Dearing McGuiness

Loraine Measure

Charles and Kathryn Meyers

Christopher Miller

John and Sarah Moran

Douglas and Karen Morehouse

Doug and Patsy Morton

Michael and Wanda Morton

Merisa and Patrick Murray

Linda Bennett Myatt

Douglas and Barbara Nelson

Audrey Neuharth-Ponaski

Victoria Noble-Lee

Robert and Carol Norwood

Chany Ockert

Ivan O’Neil

Erin and Seth Price

Alan Quint

Kelly Redfield and Daniel Zlogar

Tom and Lynn Ritzdorf

Bev Ross

Aland and Mary Ruby

John and Carol Santa

Robert Sapp

Anita and James Scott

Catriona Shafer

Arleah Shechtman

Marilyn Siess

Rande Simon

Lucy Smith

Theresa Solomon

Gail Steele

Mark Stevens

Laverne and Marsha Sultz

Ann Terry

Joe and Colleen Unterreiner

Debra and John Ward

Kyle Waterman and Steve Hunnell

Scott and Jane Wheeler

Dan and Tia Wilson

Dennis and Pat Winkel

Zachary T. Yarus

Explorer Circle: $1-99

Linda Almquist

John and Lynn Andenoro

Leslie B Anthony

John and Kathy Babcock

Walter Bahr

Jacob Bell

Carol Beyer

David and Pamela Beyer

Charles and Mary Bleck

Carroll Blend

Mick and Kim Blodnick

Diane Bokor

Leslie Budewitz

Billy Ann Burch

Mike and Cindy Burr

Michael Russell & Sally Cameron-Russell

Lauren Casey

Vilma Chemers

Chris Clouse

Tim Corson

Curtis and Anne Cronk

Mel K. Davidson

Frank and Linda DeKort

Roger and Heidi Diegel

Erika and Ben Dorrington

Susan Dykhuizen

Geri Ellingson

Edwin and Maura Fields

Janice C. Fisher

Kathleen and George Flint

Mayre Flowers

Pat Freebury

Sonya French

Bonnie Gardner

Joan and Robert Gates

Frank and Margaret Gebhardt

Andrea Goff

Patty Grayson

Carya Gronvold

Janiece Hamilton

Marvin and Kathryn Hansen

Eric and Brenda Hanson

Sandra Hanson-Koness

Jon Hanzen

Cheryl Harber

Jeanette Hartmann

Ava Harwood

Samuel Harworth and Valerie Kurth

Lynn Havens

Helen Heavirland

Bill and Rebecca Hendrix

Helen Hindersman

Alvina B. Hix

Valerie V. Homer

Pat Hulla

James and Linda Heim

Lisa Medeiros John

Gail and B.J. Jokerst

Janice and Doug Kalvig

Bobbie Kandarian

Susan C. Keller

Pamela Kron

Kurt and Carol Larson

Scott and Caroline Lawhead

Peter and Tana Leander

Marsha Lehman

Norma Linsky

Connie and Ivan Lorentzen

Jeannie and Steve Luckey

Corinne Lundgren

Phyllis Lynch

Marianne Madler

Joanne Mahoney

Cathy Malarchick

Carol Marino

Isabelle Mattson

Bill and Lois McClaren

Cathryn McDevitt

James McGuineess

Rosemary and John McKinnon

Bernie and Linda Mengwasser

Darrell and Gwendolyn Meskimen

Chris and Amy Messenger

Michael and Mary Moffitt

Marilyn Moore

Kim and Yugi Morisaki

Naomi Morrison

Jack and Sydney Muir

Donald and Barbara Murray

Casey and Rose Nicholson

Bob and Kim Nystuen

Laura K. O’Connor

Dan and Jeanne Olson

Judith and Ryan Overbeek

James and Christelle Parker

Val Parsons

Darlene Peters

Dave Petersen

Phillip Crissman

Melody Pieri

Frederick Robbins

Mark Ruby and Lori Roberts

Kathryn Sabol

Wayne Saverud

Malinda Shafman

Donna Jean Smith

Debbie Snyder

Lynn Stanley

Amy Stewart

Aubrie Tabor

Dorothy Drury and Tom Hollo

Martha Thomson

Jim and Leiana Thormahlen

Evelyn Susie Tolley

Marie Trodick

Della Van Aken

Steven and Sara Welder

Scott D. Williams

Fay T. Wold

Kenneth Yarus

Joan and Dennis Young

Arlene Zepeda

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