Libraries: The New Mixed-Use Developments

Little Italy library.jpg

“Co-location” may be the newest development trend hitting the library scene. The concept is a basic one that involves combining conventional apartment buildings with other mixed-use development. Three such properties in Chicago are taking that innovation to the next level by including public libraries as their ground floor residents.

This Chicago Tribune article details how including libraries in these hybrid buildings can elevate neighborhoods, city blocks, and sleepy city centers. One of the developers succinctly explains what we already know, “…the success of the library creates success in the apartments, and vice versa, and you get this really virtuous circle of creation of a place that people want to be. You talk about what makes a neighborhood great - a library is one of those things.”

-Charlotte, Executive Director

L: The new Little Italy Branch Library, in a shared building with Taylor Street Apartments, opened in 2019 in Chicago

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