It's Okay To Be Less Picky About What You're Reading

Ever feel like you’re spending all your time researching what to read next instead of just reading? You’re not alone. Reading is a time commitment, albeit a rewarding one, in our otherwise busy lives. And that’s why it makes sense that we seem to pressure ourselves to read things we deem worthwhile.

But this refreshing article from BookRiot presents a counter-intuitive idea. What if we use our libraries to be less intentional about what we read, and read more instead? The author smartly ruminates “the chief benefit the library serves in my own life is to make me a more adventurous reader. Not every book I take out of the library becomes a new favorite, but the experience of reading them is enriching, nonetheless.”

And she’s so right! Why aren’t we using the simple (and FREE!) method of borrowing library books to our advantage? If reading equals joy, then we should most definitely spend more time doing it, no matter what we choose to read!

-Library Director, Connie

ImagineIF Admin